Congregational Life

Caring for Our UUFCO Community

The UUFCO Care Committee strengthens connections in our community by serving UUFCO members and friends in times of need. Caring volunteers are available to provide cards and calls, meals, transportation, and home visits. Care Committee chairs provide community resource information and referrals.

Welcoming New Members

Our Membership Team warmly welcomes newcomers, invites them to participate in congregational activities, and encourages them to consider the path to membership. The team offers three orientation series each year, and membership ceremonies are held in the fall and spring. Our congregation is growing rapidly; 38 new members have joined so far in 2016.

Music and Art at UUFCO

Music is vital to the spirit of UUFCO. Our choir enriches Sunday services with vocal music twice a month. All interested singers are welcome to join the choir. In addition, instrumentalists, small group ensembles, soloists, and our house band contribute their musical gifts to Sunday services and other events. Our Music Advisory Committee helps plan and coordinate special music events and concerts.

The design of our new home is a wonderful setting and inspiration for visual art. Our Art Resource Team (ART) focuses on ways of using art to engage our congregation and the greater community. The team coordinates art shows in our Linus Pauling Hall, sponsors Family Art Nights, and promotes the acquisition of permanent art from the 1% for art designated from the building budget. To date, we have installed an outdoor bronze sculpture of two cranes and two fiber art hangings for our Pete Seeger Gathering Hall.


Our Communications Team  helps us stay informed and in touch within our congregation and promotes the presence of UUFCO in the greater Central Oregon community. Internal communication tools include our weekly All Congregation Email (ACE) and Fresh Sheet, monthly newsletter, website, kiosk, and brochures. A new online information management tool—Breeze—has facilitated the creation of a digital membership photo directory that includes information about members’ activities, interests, and areas of contribution. The team  handles press releases and announcements and publicity in local print and electronic media.

Good Times Activities

Our Good Times Committee coordinates many activities that bring our congregants and newcomers together, fostering friendships, understanding, and knowledge of the wider world. Monthly Circle Suppers are small group potluck gatherings at a host’s home. Card and movie nights, hiking, kayaking, biking and skiing groups, and camping trips all give small groups opportunities to have fun, get to know each other better, and explore the natural world.

Healthy Congregations

Our Healthy Congregations Team is in an early stage of development. It will promote open, respectful, and productive communication in our congregation. The team will coordinate and offer learning opportunities about effective communication and offers conflict-resolution facilitation when needed. The leadership of UUFCO is currently participating in a yearlong, online series facilitated by Rev. Cat Cox that focuses on covenant-based collaboration and conflict resolution.

Our Library

Our Founders Fireside Room houses a lending library of books and resources focusing on our UU principles, sources, spiritual traditions, and values. Our Library Committee organizes, manages, and promotes the use of the collection and orders books for adults and children. 

Special Events and Programs

Special events throughout the year inspire our creativity, generosity, and fun-loving spirit. Our fall service auction, featuring donated dinners, trips, services, tickets to events, and handmade items, raised over $10,500 for the UUFCO operating budget. Our yearly talent show, summer picnic, and fall back-to-church potluck bring members and friends together to laugh, play, and deepen our fellowship. Our annual budget drive kicks off with a festive all-congregation potluck and program.

A series of special programs—“Honoring Our Heritage”—informs the congregation and greater community about the life and impact of the influential Unitarians and Universalists we have recognized through the naming of rooms in our new home. The series began with a program of words and music honoring Pete Seeger, after whom our Gathering Hall is named. This was followed by a re-creation of the trial of Susan B. Anthony, and presentations on Beatrix Potter and Sophia Fahs. Programs to come will focus on Bela Bartok, Linus Pauling, Buckminster Fuller, Olympia Brown, Fannie Farmer, and Margaret Fuller.