UUFCO is fortunate to be fiscally sound, with a historically strong commitment to stewardship and a beautiful new facility. Our annual budget has increased dramatically since the move to our new campus in early 2015. While our membership has also increased, congregational giving is not yet keeping pace with our increased staffing and program needs. In developing the budget for our new home, the Finance and Steering committees anticipated this gap, setting aside a healthy cash and operating reserve. A portion of that reserve is being used to balance the budget this year. We anticipate that congregational giving will gradually keep pace with our needs in the next few years as new members deepen their involvement with UUFCO and consequently their commitment to stewardship as a spiritual practice.


Budget FY 2016-17

Hover over pie charts for categories and amounts rounded to nearest $1,000. For details see PDF of FY 2016-17 Budget 


Hover over pie charts for categories and amounts round to nearest $1,000. See PDF for details.


Annual Reports:

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UUFCO Endowment Fund:
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Board Oversight

UUFCO’s financial health is monitored by the Board of Trustees and several board committees. The board treasurer is the primary point person for the overall finances of UUFCO, presenting monthly financial statements and a treasurer’s report to the board. The treasurer works closely with a part-time staff bookkeeper, who posts the various entries through our programs, including all income categories (pledges, rent, etc.) and expense items (payroll, receivables, etc.). The bookkeeper prepares monthly reports for review by the treasurer and board, including a balance sheet for our general funds, an income and expense report, a list of checks issued, and a balance sheet for our new home project. An audit team is formed each year to audit the many entries and accounts using UUA suggested guidelines. A report is delivered to the board.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee, a board committee chaired by the board treasurer, meets quarterly to review UUFCO’s financial progress. The committee prepares the UUFCO annual budget for board approval that is presented at the annual meeting for the congregation’s vote.  The committee also produces a running five-year budget to better understand our future financial challenges.

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee develops the congregation’s awareness of and commitment to the spiritual practice of giving and conducts the UUFCO annual pledge drive. Our annual pledge drive kicks off with an  all-congregation dinner, a potluck that celebrates our congregational connections through food, fellowship and games, introduces next year’s budget, and encourages pledging. Throughout the pledge drive, members share brief testimonials during Sunday services about why they pledge. Pledge ambassadors personally contact those who have not yet pledged. Both members and friends are encouraged to pledge, and pledges of any amount are welcome.

Endowment Committee

The UUFCO Endowment Fund is in an early stage of development. The Endowment Committee promotes the concept of endowment giving, educating the congregation about the charitable aspects of estate planning and encouraging and assisting members in making contributions to the endowment fund. The committee manages endowment funds to ensure the congregation’s financial future, considering the congregation’s social and ethical positions when formulating an investment strategy. The committee reports regularly to the board and submits an annual report to the congregation. 

Chalice Lighters

UUFCO participates in the Pacific Northwest District’s Chalice Lighters program, which provides grants to congregations for infrastructure needs, community outreach and congregational growth. After a number of years of enrollment in the Chalice Lighters program, UUFCO was fortunate to receive a grant in 2015 for the development of our children’s play area.