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In keeping with our 7th principle and respecting the interdependent web of all existence, we are restoring our land and wildlife habitat. One congregant developed a "Birds of UUFCO" brochure, and another developed "Wildflower of the Week" pages this season, a project that will carry over in 2017.

Lewis's Woodpecker

Lewis's Woodpecker

Sand Lily

Sand Lily

We envision our new home as being respectful of the land with a strong connection to nature, full of natural light and fresh air.
— From the New Home Vision Statement — March 12, 2012

The Land & Site committee began looking at land throughout the greater Bend area in the fall of 2011. Our congregation is widespread, so we each put a dot on a map to better understand where we might want to be located. The committee developed a list of criteria that went far beyond location, to size, zoning, visibility, accessibility, solar access, beauty, buildability, utilities, and costs. Results from evaluating each parcel were presented to the congregation in early January 2012 and a consensus was reached to build where we are today.


Our 22-acre parcel (half in the city, half in the county) allows us to be closely connected with nature. We are restoring the native vegetation and wildlife habitat. Members have put up about 10 bird nesting boxes. Our land is known now as the place to see Lewis's Woodpeckers. We have built a trail loop leading to our labyrinth and beyond, with the intention of developing it into a nature trail. The Sunday meditation group uses the trails and labyrinth during good weather. Our space gives us ample opportunity to dream and expand in the future.

A walking and biking path crosses our land through a grove of old trees, westward to an extensive mountain biking trail network in Deschutes National Forest, eventually leading to the Three Sisters Wilderness. Another path borders our land and connects to elementary, middle, and high schools, and booming neighborhoods.

Where our Members & Friends Live

  • The majority of our congregants live within 8 or 9 miles of our church; many within walking or biking distance. The next closest UU Fellowship is 132 miles away, so we attract UUs from throughout Central Oregon:
  • Tumalo: 10 miles
  • Sunriver: 19 miles
  • Redmond: 20 miles
  • Sisters: 24 miles
  • Terrebonne: 25 miles
  • Powell Butte: 26 miles
  • LaPine: 32 miles
  • Crooked River Ranch: 34 miles
  • Prineville: 38 miles

Close-by Places

  • Oregon State University – Cascades: 2.3 miles
  • Central Oregon Community College: 2.5 miles
  • Downtown Bend (Greenwood & Wall): 2.9 miles
  • Shevlin Park: 3.1 miles
  • Pilot Butte: 5.5 miles
  • Redmond Municipal Airport: 20 miles
  • Mt Bachelor: 20 miles

Distance to Other UU Fellowships & Churches