Operations & Maintenance

The Facilities Cluster of committees is currently responsible for most of the operations and maintenance aspects of our building. This group meets as needed and shares information about the actions taken by the committees. It is headed by a board member and consists of:

  • Facility Management (Managing events and rentals) 
  • Facility Systems (HVAC, mechanical)
  • Interiors (Purchase and maintenance of furniture, fixtures, interior finishes)
  • IT/AV (Purchase, maintenance, and operations or computer systems and audio-visual equipment)
  • Kitchen (Maintenance and operation of equipment, training)
  • Landscaping and Site (Irrigation, snow removal, planting, parking)
  • Sustainability 

Some responsibilities, including Facility Management, are migrating to our administrator and a future sexton.

Building Condition

The first service was held in our new home on February 1, 2015. The basic one–year contractor’s warranty ended earlier in 2016. However, there are extended warranties for some of the significant equipment and infrastructure, reducing some potential maintenance or replacement costs for our initial years of operation. 


The annual budget accounts for normal projected costs of operations, and does provide a relatively small amount for reserve funds for significant maintenance issues, such as new coatings needed for the exterior sidings. Some of this protective maintenance is already needed this year, alerting us of the need to set aside more reserve funds in the upcoming budgets. In regard to large maintenance and replacement costs (roof replacement, replacing major HVAC equipment and so forth), these are by no means expected to occur in the near term. Current thinking is that such work will require specific capital funds campaigns in the future.

One of the more immediate facility needs may be additional parking. The City of Bend limited the number of our parking spaces and we already often exceed on-site parking during Sunday services. This has been discussed in a preliminary way but no firm solutions have been proposed and therefore no budget figures have been developed.

The architects and our Design Committee gave great attention to accessibility needs, and the City of Bend’s stringent code requirements for both inside and outside the building were met. When we do have snow and ice accumulation, both a volunteer committee and professional services are available to minimize access problems for congregants and staff.

The building was designed to accommodate future rooftop solar panels. A proposal has been made that could possibly allow the work to go ahead earlier than otherwise anticipated. This is currently in the study phase.